Free Family Fun Activities

Second Saturday of every month!

Napa Valley Museum’s Pay What You Wish days are a fantastic way to share great family moments and have a little fun, too! The second Saturday of every month the Museum offers Pay What You Wish admission all day and an engaging Free Family Fun activity at 2pm. The event gives children an opportunity to have fun while also having an exceptional learning experience. Help us keep Free Family Fun activities free by making a donation here.

March 11
Imperfect Pieces: Creating Tangrams
Channel artist James Melchert as we design our own artistic paper tangrams and explore contemporary expressions of Wabi Sabi. Start with a square, draw your own designs, then cut it up and rearrange it! Learn how to embrace imperfection through Chinese puzzle making and create your own works of art. We provide all the instructions and supplies.

April 8
Let There Be Light: Revealing Nature’s Beauty
Learn about artist Tokihiro Sato and the photographic process by experimenting with light sensitive photo paper and natural shapes of leaves, rocks, flowers, and twigs. Think about how photos capture and record moments in time. We provide all the instructions and supplies, and you search our grounds for inspiration.