Free Family Fun Activities

The 2018 STEM Challenge – January 13, 2018 (11:00 – 1:00 pm)

Are you ready for a challenge? We are starting the 2018 strong with a few STEM challenges. Young visitors will use their critical thinking, problem solving, and observation skills to face these challenges. Can you build a foil boat strong enough to hold 20 marbles? 30? 50?! Can you build 3D structures from a 2D picture? How about solving a Tetris puzzle? Put on your thinking caps and join us on January 13 from 11 – 1 pm! The museum will provide direction and all materials.

Participating kids receive FREE museum admission after the event. Please RSVP for your spot here!

The second Saturday of every month, the Museum offers an engaging Free Family Fun activity. The event gives children an opportunity to have fun while also having an exceptional learning experience. From exploring the environment to experimenting in arts and crafts, Free Family Fun activities are a fantastic way to share great family moments and learn a little too. Participating kids receive FREE museum admission the day of the activity.  Help us keep Free Family Fun activities free by making a donation here.