Free Family Fun Activities

Smart Cookie! – July 14, 2018 (11:00 – 1:00 pm)

Celebrate the diverse talents of our featured artist Lowell Herrero by coloring a drawing of one of his designs for the classic Gingerbread cookies from Vacaville’s famous “Nut Tree” and decorate your own cookie! Take the original recipe with you to make the cookies at home. Cookies and materials will be provided by the museum. RSVP on our website or via Facebook.

Participating kids receive FREE museum admission after the event. Please see our Tickets page or RSVP for your spot here!

The second Saturday of every month, the Museum offers an engaging Free Family Fun activity. The event gives children an opportunity to have fun while also having an exceptional learning experience. From exploring the environment to experimenting in arts and crafts, Free Family Fun activities are a fantastic way to share great family moments and learn a little too. Participating kids receive FREE museum admission the day of the activity.  Help us keep Free Family Fun activities free by making a donation here.