Make a lasting impression by adopting an artifact from Napa Valley Museum’s Permanent Collection. Your donation gives you and your family symbolic ownership of the special piece you have selected.

Adopt-An-Artifact is a campaign to raise funds for the preservation of the Museum’s Permanent Collection. The Museum’s Collection is made of nearly 15,000 objects, including material culture items, natural history objects and art. Our goal is to raise $30,000 that will help us purchase archival quality supplies, storage units and underwrite the costs of conservation of our artifacts and art.

Your funds provide for the protection, preservation and if needed, restoration of your adopted artifact. When on display, adopted artifacts will have separate recognition labels. Recognition will last for 3 years.

Adopt-An-Artifact patrons are

  • recognized in the Annual Report
  • invited to a special adopters reception in January 2014
  • Recognized when your artifact is on display
  • Donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law

NVM thanks the following for their contribution to the campaign:

  • Barbara Tiney & Brian Penman – Cowhide Trunk
  • Sharon Lampton – Two Headed Axe
  • Jewish Historical Society of Napa Valley – Levinson’s Whiskey Bottle
  • Bob & Karin Benning-1923 Napa Union High School Diploma & Letterman Jacket
  • Steve Arns – Earl Thollander Artwork & Quicksilver
  • Kathy Curley – School Desk & White Sulphur Springs Dance Poster
  • Felicia & Chuck Shinnamon – Chair
  • John Holt – Axe
  • Eddi Wolk – Napa Creamery Bottle
  • Peter Eldridge – Napa Soda Springs Silverware
  • Betty-Lou Mukerji – Nathan Coombs Ceremonial Sword
  • Violet Hover – Wright Spot Cup
  • Edie Schwartz – 1881 Wedding Dress
  • Bob & Karen Martin – Top Hat
  • Marlee Rodridge – Scrapbook
  • Gayle Kerns – Gold Shoes
  • Martha & Richard Pastcan – Shoes & Chinese Coins
  • Jim Ladwig & Pam Zeidell – Native American Basket
  • Betty Bortz – Needlework piece
  • Diane Wilsey – Unrestricted Donation

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