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In Conversation: Compassionate Action with Peter Coyote & Dick Grace
October 19, 2018

Napa Valley Museum Yountville continued its popular “In Conversation” series of speaking events with “Compassionate Action,” a discussion of how to turn our individual compassion into positive action for the benefit of others, our world and ourselves. Actor and activist Peter Coyote joined his friend: vintner and humanitarian Dick Grace, for a frank and lively exchange of ideas about channeling frustration into renewed energy, turning anger into empathy, and how to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the scope of the challenges facing us by making small steps individually, or as part of a larger movement, to build the foundation for lasting change.

More about the event and the speakers HERE

Edited highlights of the event:

Compassionate Action (Edited Highlights)

Dick Grace & Peter Coyote at Napa Valley Museum, Yountville, California. October 19th, 2018

Full event video:

Videos by James Forbes of Bearshead Productions

A Message from Napa Valley Museum Yountville:

Thank you for attending our Compassionate Action event with Peter Coyote and Dick Grace, and for making it such a memorable evening for us all. We hope that you will take some bit of inspiration from the evening and carry it forward to create positive change in your community and the world. By attending this event, you have supported our Museum’s arts and education programs, for which we are grateful!

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Thank you for your Compassion!

Napa Valley Museum Yountville

Dick Grace and Peter Coyote at Grace Family Vineyards, St. Helena, July 17, 2018