Donations to the Museum support our educational outreach, exhibition program and artifact collections. Membership dues only make up 20% of our annual operating budget. Program fees, admissions, grants and donations make up the rest.

Make A Donation Now.

Where can families come together and enjoy a free creativity project after exploring art and history? At Napa Valley Museum Yountville’s Free Family Fun Days.

Where can you explore the rich history of the Napa Valley including Native Americans, pioneers like George Yount and early viticulture? At Napa Valley Museum Yountville’s Don & Lonne Carr History Gallery.

Where can elementary and middle school students learn about leadership, respect and build their confidence? By becoming a Young Explorer Staff (YES!) member at Napa Valley Museum Yountville.

Where can local artists like Thomas Morphis and Elizabeth Bush, showcase their work in a solo show? At Napa Valley Museum Yountville’s Spotlight Gallery.

Where can adults explore the historical and environmental heritage of the Valley through hikes, talks and simulated archaeological digs? At Napa Valley Museum Yountville’s Exploration Series.

What is the premier organization in Napa Valley that collects, preserves and displays art and historical artifacts of Napa County? Napa Valley Museum Yountville.

These are just some of the ways Napa Valley Museum Yountville gives back to the community. Please help us continue this service by making a donation now.