• Museum Magic

    Join us for an extraordinary evening in support of the Museum’s education and exhibition programs! Celebrate the Museum with an evening full of magical surprises.Indulge in delicious food, wine and… Continued »
  • Embracing Imperfection: Contemporary Expressions of Wabi Sabi

    Embracing Imperfection: Contemporary Expressions of Wabi Sabi is an exhibition that explores the practices of contemporary artists Adam Chapman, Jim Melchert, Leah Rosenberg, and Tokihiro Sato through the lens of the traditional Japanese aesthetic… Continued »
  • Symphony of E-motion

    A visual journey into the mind of an artist, literally.   “When I cut an angle from a square the new shape begins to communicate with its surroundings. There is… Continued »
  • ebb and flow

    Artist Reception Saturday, March 11 5-7pm Historical photographs are woven into the landscape. Each photo is an artifact and a window into a personal narrative. The plurality of the past… Continued »
  • Donate

    Where can families come together and enjoy a free creativity project after exploring art and history? At Napa Valley Museum’s Free Family Fun Days. Where can you explore the rich… Continued »