Braceros: the Napa Valley Story

A companion to the Smithsonian’s “Bittersweet Harvest” exhibition in our History Gallery, this collection of photographs, audio, video, objects and artifacts celebrates the Napa Valley’s own role in the Braceros story. Based on the meticulous research of cultural geographer Sandra Nichols and the Napa Valley College faculty, staff and students, including Bracero descendant and Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services, Oscar de Haro, and History instructor Jim McGowan, working with the Napa County Historical Society and the St. Helena Historical Society, this exhibit celebrates the Braceros’ hometowns, their early lives in the Napa Valley, and their enduring legacies. The exhibit is presented by the Napa Valley Museum and curated by multi-talented Napa Valley artist Oscar Aguilar Olea.