• Meander Through Time – The Living Napa River

    Join us for a journey to meander through the past and present of the Napa River.    For millennia the Napa River has carried life-giving water through the Napa Valley and out to the San Francisco Bay, the largest estuary … Continued

  • Know NO Barriers: 2022 Annual Student Art Show

    Our Annual Student Exhibition opens March 31 in our Spotlight Gallery. Students will explore art around the theme of “Know NO Barriers”. A barrier is an obstacle or an obstruction in the process of things. It can be a system, … Continued

  • Son of Sound Maze!

    Our wildly popular 2017 Sound Maze exhibition returns as a Bigger, Brighter & Louder experience! Listen, play, and discover sound anew as you improvise with more than a dozen newly invented musical instruments in an interactive installation created by internationally … Continued


    JEFF BRIDGES | PICTURES, an exhibition exploring the work of the Oscar-winning actor, author and acclaimed photographer. Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges is a giant of American cinema, with dozens of leading credits to his name, but he is also … Continued

  • Tiki: Art of the Exotic

    Experience the exotic world of Tiki Art in this fun and engaging new exhibit. It will include decorative objects from the Tiki movement, including indigenous artifacts as well as Polynesian Pop memorabilia from themed restaurants and bars. With the Musuem … Continued

  • The Lost Art of Department Store Windows

    This exhibition celebrates the artistry of those who created store windows for many of the great American department stores. Store windows presented a theatrical experience, which at the holidays exploded into exuberant celebrations. Some of the best artists cut their … Continued

  • BUZZED: The Beauty & Nature of Bees

    Our world premiere science and art exhibition combines stunning photographs of bees in flight, follows a bee along its daily journey and lifespan through interactive displays and informative graphics, and features a thrilling sound installation where visitors enter a giant … Continued