• Tiki Dreams: From Far-Away Fantasy to Pop-Culture Phenomenon

    Tiki is an art, design and cultural movement dating back to the pre-WWII era, when visionary California restaurateurs created lavish Tiki Rooms evoking mysterious exotic lands, and which saw growing interest when soldiers brought home souvenirs from the South Pacific, and … Continued

  • The Great California Road Trip 1962

    A nostalgic look back at travel by car in California, circa 1962. To millions around the globe, California means “Vacation.” The state’s diverse topography offers sunny beaches and snowcapped mountains within a same-day drive. The attractions are many, and California’s … Continued

  • Napa Valley Museum Mini Masterpieces

    Take home the ultimate souvenir of your Museum visit: an original work of art! Napa Valley and other regional artists have created delightfully downsized paintings that are affordable and easy to find room for. Works range from 4×5″ to 10 … Continued

  • Now On National Tour! Julia Child a Recipe for Life