Meander Through Time – The Living Napa River

From March 24 through May 30, 2022 (dates subject to change), our upcoming exhibit explores and celebrates the Napa River and how small changes over time can often have big consequences. It also includes a community-curated celebration of the Napa River.


Join us for a journey to meander through the past and present of the Napa River. 
For millennia the Napa River has carried life-giving water through the Napa Valley and out to the San Francisco Bay, the largest estuary on America’s west coast. Over time the river, and its connected ecology, have changed markedly. This exhibit explores how relatively small changes made to the riparian habitat over time, came with big consequences.
Enjoy the community-curated celebration of the river and how people connect with this living river.

Curated by Joel Kurtz.

Image from Friends of the Napa River