Mint your free POAP digital collectible at Warrior Dogs!

Available at the Museum during events and regular hours:
A FREE “POAP” or “Proof of Attendance Protocol”
Collect one for all our Main Gallery exhibition – earn perks!

Make your Museum Visit a Forever Memory
Mint your FREE Official “Warrior Dogs” POAP digital collectible at the Napa Valley Museum!

Celebrate the launch of POAP PLACES by visiting the POAP Kiosk at the Museum

POAPs are collectible tokens that represent our stories. Each POAP is a reminder of an experience that’s shared between collectors.
Your POAP collection is a scrapbook and a passport: it’s a handy way to capture your life’s greatest hits, in a way that may unlock surprises down the road.
And now, for the first time ever, POAP celebrates POAP PLACES — memorable locations where some of life’s happiest memories are created and shared.
Collect them for all our Main Gallery exhibitions and you’ll earn some fun perks!

How to grab your POAP

  1. Visit the Museum
  2. Reserve your free POAP by tapping the disc at the POAP Kiosk
  3. Enter your email address (emails are not retained or shared by POAP, except with us at the Museum)
  4. Receive a confirmation email
  5. Respond to the email to mint your POAP after your visit – if you don’t have a wallet you’ll get the chance to create one

No cost, no spam, just a chance to build our community of shared memories!

Visit for more about POAP and POAP PLACES

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