Allison Watkins: Reilluminate

Opening Reception
August 21
Free for Members/$5 for NonMembers

Artist’s Statement

Most of our relationships with plants are during the day, during the magic of photosynthesis, a time when we can admire the visible beauty of nature lit up brightly by the sunlight. I walk around at night and gather plants and flowers with controlled lighting, illuminating the darkened garden that has receded since the sun has gone down. This process brings attention to the temporal light of the day, having much in common with the temporal existence of plants and flowers- their constantly changing shape and form calls attention to their short-lived life span.


Artist Bio

Allison Watkins is a visual artist who currently explores our perceptions of materiality through her photography and textile based works. She is interested in documenting the instability of all forms and how our grasp of, and relationships to these forms change throughout time. Allison was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area  and is a MFA graduate of San Francisco State University, and a BFA graduate of San Jose State University. Her works have been shown in the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Francisco Camerawork, and The Textile Art Center (NYC). Recently Allison’s work was chosen by SFMOMA curator Janet Bishop to be included in New American Paintings (Issue 109).  Allison currently makes her home in Northern California, where she teaches fine art photography at colleges and universities in the Bay Area. She is an Affiliate Artist at the Headlands Center for the Arts and is represented by En Em Art Space in Sacramento, California.


Cheese plate for the reception generously donated by Sunshine Foods Market in St Helena!