Symphony of E-motion

Dual Opening Reception with Main Gallery
January 21
5-6pm Members Only
6-8pm General Admission
Free for Members/$7 for NonMembers

A visual journey into the mind of an artist, literally.  

“When I cut an angle from a square the new shape begins to communicate with its surroundings. There is a sense of emotion and feeling that is created from this simple transformation. Connection and disconnection. Depending on the angle, the shapes express emotion.  The possibilities run wild in my mind as the shapes start talking to each other and before I know it I am surrounded in a symphony of emotions”
Boback Emad

The Napa Valley Museum is proud to present the work of international artist and sculptor Boback Emad as he transforms the gallery into a dynamic journey of E-motions.

This two month show is a unique glimpse into his creative process.

Curated by Betty Bigas