Warrior Dogs

Courage – Honor – Faithfulness – Sacrifice

In the Main Gallery from January 27 through June 23
presented in partnership with the Tug McGraw Foundation

Opening January 27, 2024. Honoring the four-legged heroes who have served our Country through history to the present day, this emotional, inspiring exhibition features the wood sculptures of artist James Mellick from his “Wounded Warrior Dog” project, including some works never previously displayed.

Visitors of all ages will learn more about dogs in military service. from puppies “born to be brave,” to their selection and training. View a history of their service through stories and photos with the soldiers serving with them from World War II to Afghanistan. Explore their vital role in therapy and PTSD support. search-and-rescue, police, fire, bomb squad, and other life-saving missions. Includes Mellick’s newest contribution to the K9 War Stories—the story of Cairo (CAD) and Navy SEAL Will Chesney who were on the Bin Laden raid.  Cairo will be the first sculpture where he is wearing an actual vest, just like the real Cairo wore and supplied by the same Manitoba company.

Also features a kid-friendly “petting dog” sculpture.
A portion of proceeds from our exclusive Warrior Dog merchandise can adorn your own canine warrior, and benefit military dog-related charities.

Special thanks to Robert Sakuta and Leslie Flowers of the Marco Island Art Museum.

featured image: Over the Rainbow Bridge, by James Mellick
Lucca K458 and Cooper K154 were on assignment together in 2007 in Iraq. Between patrols, Lucca and Cooper snoozed together in shady patches or cavorted with a deflated football.