• The Smithsonian presents Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program, 1942-1964

    Cosecha amarga, cosecha dulce: el programa bracero 1942-1964

  • Don Coen: Migrant Series

    West Coast Premiere, the Museum presents this exhibition of Colorado artist Don Coen’s stunning large-scale portraits of migrant workers. Over two decades, the artist spent hundreds of hours in the fields of California, Colorado, Idaho, Texas and Florida alongside the … Continued

  • Braceros: the Napa Valley Story

    A companion to the Smithsonian’s “Bittersweet Harvest” exhibition in our History Gallery, this collection of photographs, audio, video, objects and artifacts celebrates the Napa Valley’s own role in the Braceros story. Based on the meticulous research of cultural geographer Sandra … Continued